🔥Video 1 of a 3 part series with Derrick Quarles Jr. on how to close more internet leads.🔥

As a real estate agent, we all want to know how to sell more houses, do more business, help more people. That’s the name of the game, right?

We also know that we have a little competition in the industry as well now, Zillow, realtor.com, Redfin, these online search platforms.

Consumers like convenience, they like to be able to click a button, get the answers that they’re looking for. You and I do it every single day, on Amazon. We shop online for our clothes, our groceries, everything that we do now is online.

So, over the next three days, I’m going to give you three tips that we use that have drastically increased our internet lead conversion.

Tip number one, don’t laugh at me when I say this, I’m telling you, it’s something so simple, speed to lead. Who’s the first person to talk to them? And on our team, we’re not over qualifying over the phone either. We want to be the first person to talk to them and the first person to get in front of them because we know the first person that gets in front of them drastically increases their chances of doing business with that consumer. There you go, tip number one, speed to lead.

On our team, we’d like to see it in under three minutes, our standard is to keep it under five. Ideally, you keep it under 30 seconds. As soon as a lead comes through, bam! You want to be the one to talk to them, “Hey, I just saw that you inquired on the property at 123 Main Street. What questions can I get answered for you about that property? And when would you like to go see it?” Boom. I’m getting in front of them. And then when I get in front of them, then I can ask the questions that I want to qualify that person. Trying to over qualify someone over the phone, think about if I called you and started asking you for your financial situation, and you just want to go look at something, you’re going to be a little bit reluctant, right? Think about if I just started asking you a bunch of random questions. So a lot of times, consumers just want to know, boom, “I had a question about the property.” “What questions did you have and when would you like to go see it?” And then once I get in front of them, then I can ask them a lot more questions. Or even after you schedule that appointment with them, you can circle back and ask a few more questions. So once you have the appointment scheduled, then you can circle back and say, “Hey, this house is over in this area. What’s got you looking in that area? Are you looking for the school districts or is it close to proximity to work?”

But that’s just a simple tip. Tip number one, speed to lead.



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