Your First 30 Days of Real Estate and 5 things you need to know.

So you’re new to the real estate game and you’re finding it a little overwhelming. 🤨 Most agents can remember how it felt when they started and can relate. Breathe easy because I’m going to tell you what to expect in your first 30 days as a real estate agent.

🔥The first thing you’re going to find out is that you have so much work to do in so little time. You have to take it all in manageable chunks. What this means is you need to become best friends with your planner, your calendar, sticky notes or whatever system it is that works best for you. Time block everything on your schedule so you can focus.

🔥Number two you will really quickly find that inaction will be the death of your momentum. You’re new and ready to get into the world. This means you’re hungry right? Every agent wants to make their first few sales and taste that sweet sweet freedom of that first commission. Before any of that happens you need to take action. First find a method of prospecting whether that’s buying online leads going door-to-door knocking, cold calling. Find what works best for you. Try them all right away and see what you’re most comfortable with. Grow at that one and learn to be the very best. The first 30 days are about getting a plan for everything from marketing to daily routines so try it all and find out what works best for you.

🔥The third thing is you have to find out the importance of social media. Get your Facebook and Instagram presence up. Find out the best hashtags that consumers use. You can google all this information about social media. The very starting point I would say, is to get your page up. Start posting, schedule your post. Consistency is key. Consistency is better than being good.

🔥Number four is you’ll quickly find out finding leads is not easy. As soon as you’re ready to make that first sale you won’t know where to get any solid leads. This can be daunting, overwhelming and even discouraging. Begin with your personal sphere of influence and start marketing to it as long as you can afford it. The idea is to find multiple avenues for lead prospecting as early as you can. All the people you’ve met, the businesses you have reached out to. The action starts here. Start small and with the people that you know and just work your way up. The longer you’re in real estate the greater your sphere will grow.

🔥Number five you’re going to find out what your weaknesses are and that’s okay. We are not all the best at cold calls, some of us need email skills and to others reaching out and networking seems like an unclimbable mountain. The idea in the first 30 days is to find out what you need to work on. You can only get better right? Also through this process you’ll find out what you’re good at and what you can lean on when making a tough sale. So the first 30 days might seem tough, and it will be, but that just means there’s a mountain of growth ahead of you. If you can stick through it and plan accordingly there’s nothing but success on the other side!

🪙Golden nugget if you’ve stuck it out this far in the video. The best way to accelerate your learning curve and get good fast, is the power of proximity. Who are you around? Who is your mentor? Join a team with a track record or find a mentor who can help guide you. If you want to be the best, go be around the best. I really hope this video was useful and valuable to you as you begin your real estate career. For more tips on how to succeed as an agent please like and subscribe to our pages and if you’re looking to join the best team in Kentucky please reach out i would love to be a real estate resource and we’ll see you in the next video


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