Do you want to SHOW UP and win with your customers, your boss and even in relationships?🏡💰💘

I have seen many win and fail in business and relationships over the years. Here are some common threads to how the winners show up.

My name is Bob Sophiea and I lead a real estate team the New Home Collective Brokered By eXp Realty. We have sold over 1000 homes in the last few years and our team gets stronger every day.

🖐️Here are five things to focus on that will help you SHOW UP

⏱️Be Early– Your time is not more important than the person you are meeting with. Don’t be the person zipping through traffic or frustrated because you have to wait in line. You decide when you are late. Stop blaming your circumstances. Wake earlier, leave earlier. Remember: If you are less than 5 minutes early, YOU are Late!

📝Take Notes! In a world that “being present” is one of the biggest challenges taking notes is more important than ever. It doesn’t matter if you are with your family, your clients or someone who is giving you advice. Make the person you are with feel important. For Goodness sales don’t make them have to repeat themselves.

🤝Be Honest-When you always speak the truth and act truthfully you will define who you are. Your confidence will grow. People you don’t know will not question your word. ALWAYS SPEAK THE TRUTH and ACT Truthfully it will define you.

🤔Don’t answer Questions you don’t know the answer to. People do not think less of you for having great resources and the ability to find the BEST answer. You don’t need to know everything, you only need to know who to call. Build ar bench of resources and you will never need to answer a question you don’t know the answer to again

🙋‍♂️Don’t Expect a response if you don’t ask a question: Don’t expect something you did not ask for. So many people say ”Why didn’t you respond to my text” WELL you made a statement. You did not ask me anything. Always end a text or email with a question if you want a response The first step is showing up!

Here it is, How to show up. Be early, take notes, be honest, don’t answer questions you know the answer to. Don’t expect a response when you don’t ask a question.



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