Real estate agents that want to grow need real estate assistance

Real estate assistance is a must for you to go to the next level. You don’t need to wait until you’re selling 30 or 40 homes before you can afford to hire a real estate assistant. You can get assistance now.

Here are the top five things I would have them do for you. Right this second.

The first thing that I would have a real estate assistant do for you is input all of your listings. Okay? So you finally get a listing right even though you have the time, should you be the one in putting all the data, getting all the paperwork ready, putting the sign in the yard and putting the lock box on the front door, that is a complete waste of time. It’s non dollar productive activities that are keeping you busy. But they’re not making you more money. A real estate assistant is going to take that off your plate and allow you to go get another listing. See a lot of agents, they get that listing, then they get bogged down in non dollar producing activities and then they get burnt out, they get worn out. So that’s one thing that a real estate assistant can do for you.

The second thing that a real estate assistant can do is contract to close. So as soon as you get a buyer on the contract or listening under contract, contract to close assistant is going to do all the coordination for you and they’re going to coordinate with the inspectors. The other agent, the title attorney for payoffs, they’re gonna schedule the clothing. So closing coordination is a must if you want to grow your business.

The third thing you need a real estate assistant that can help you market advertised and regenerate. So an assistant that can post your listening ads on all the different platforms like the mls and the aggregates like Zillow Trulia realtor dot com. They can put your listing on craigslist and posted to different social media like Facebook and Instagram. So you can generate more buyer leads more activity and you can grow your business. So you need that assistance being able to market for you. So those are the top three things that I would have a real estate assistant do. Then third, then I would also have a real estate assistant that can take photos for me. Professional level photos at our office. We have professional photographers that actually go out for all of our agents and take their photos. Professional photos are an absolute must when it comes to getting a real estate assistant.

An assistant is also going to be able to help organize you in your day and your calendar and keep you on track. They’re gonna also set you up so that you have time for more training and coaching and at a higher level so you can grow your business.

An assistant is all about elevating your time giving you the support so that you can go out and get more business and at the same time sharpen your skills so that you can be more of a thought leader and improve yourself personally and professionally.

This is why we have the support structure available to all of our agents. From day one even an agent with zero sales, zero days in the industry, that agent has access to a listing coordinator, a closing coordinator, a photographer, a market or a lead generator, a trainer or coach accountability partner so that they have all the systems in place that they need to grow.

There is nothing restricting new home collective agents from growing. We’ve talked to many real estate agents over the years that closed 30 deals a year and that’s a great year, right? But they can never get past that plateau even one a month. We talked to agents that can’t get past one a month 12 a year because they don’t have that support to get them there and they really can’t afford to pay $30, $50,000 a year for an assistant. Then they go talk to their broker or their owner and they say, hey broker owner, would you hire me an assistant? But their broker or their owner really can’t hire them an assistant because their model is not set up for that. So no matter what whoever you are, wherever you are, if you’re in real estate, you need assistance. I hope this video propels you to go get some assistance so that you can grow your business and your life.



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