Here are some key points to hit in your Listing Presentation

Are your listing presentations inconsistent? Are you thinking about what you’re going to cover as you pull up to every appointment? Have you competed against another agent for a listing AND LOST?

Here’s a tip: Your process

This is where you align expectations. Who is the main point of contact for what? Are you a one person team or do you have an admin team that is involved in the transaction to close process? When will you communicate? Always end with here’s what happens next or what will happen next is… People love to know what to expect next

Here’s a tip: Your Value Proposition & Track Record

This could be done through prelisting material. For example, on our team, before an agent goes on an appointment, we set up a “movie star tour.” Think about when a movie launches. First there is the promotion leading up to the movie to make you think wow, that’s going to be a great movie. Then there’s the launch where you’re already going in with expectations for the movie. Then there’s the follow up advertisement of a box office hit it was! All in the intention of leaving viewers convinced of how good that movie is.

Similar with our listing process. Before one of our agents ever goes on an appointment, we send out information about the team touching on our track record and value proposition. Information about the agent who is meeting with the seller, and we’re are asking questions to gain intel from the initial phone call every step of the way. Every communication is moving the seller further along the trust scale. We’re setting the agent up for success before they ever even go on the appointment. Plus, now the meeting can be more about what really matters, the seller and their goals.

Here’s a tip: The Market Statistics

The numbers are the numbers. As agents, we don’t make the market, we interpret it for our clients. In any market, having an understanding of what’s going on and being able to inform your client is valuable. The difference between a house selling in 3 days with multiple offers vs. 21 days with 1 offer could be several thousand dollars for your client. Understand the market. Demonstrate to the seller that you’re an expert so that they want to work with YOU. Again, the numbers are the numbers. You’re gaining their trust.

Here’s a tip: The Marketing Plan for THEIR HOME

We’re humans. We all want to feel special. Even though you have a marketing plan in place that you follow every time, how does that look for their home specifically? What are the highlights of their home that you’re going to spotlight for the buyers? Do you hire a professional photographer? Do you do a mega open house? Social media? What are you going to do for them to make their house stand out in the marketplace?

Here’s a tip: Be Prepared With Different Closes

Closing is a skill within itself. You have to have different tools in your toolbelt to close. Grant Cardone has a book full of closes, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller has a good list of closes. There are tons of resources on the art of closing. Be prepared to close strong. Throughout the entire process you’re gathering information. By the time we close on the sell of their house, we want to know their kids names, pets names, favorite sports teams, restaurants, hobbies, as much information as you can gather so that you can communicate with them over time and gain a client for life.

I hope that you found this information helpful and that you’re able to apply these tips to help you take more listings and grow your business.

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